Enter the first game arena of the Metaverse
/available through Meta Quest VR/
Using Ready Player Me avatars

Visit us as a Spectator

Sit on the tribune with your friends and watch as others are playing!


Become a Player yourself

and turn into the hero of the SensoDome.

Use all of your senses to become the champion:

your eyes, your ears, even your 6th one to succeed in the game.


The first game arena of the Metaverse where you and your avatar can have a seat on the grand tribune within the game to enjoy and discuss how others are playing - but you can also enter the race yourself at any time. As a player, you will be faced with coloured accelerating cubes while they are trying to hit you from several directions. Your task is to duck, swing, twist or jump to avoid the collision.

SensoDome uses the

avatar platform so you can design your outfit choosing from thousands of possibilities.

The Game

Cubes are coming out from the identically colored gates

Avoid the cubes attacking your from all directions

You have 5 lives to avoid as many cubes as possible

The Master of the Dome Master announces the color of the next cube

Results, nominations are shown on the central billboard

Spectator avatars can speak with each other

No controller is needed for the fun

3 Game Modes

Practice mode

learn the game alone so you can win the Tournament

Spectator mode

join the tribune with others and enjoy how others are playing

Player mode

play the game against others in front of the Spectators